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Year 3

Welcome to St Peter’s!

We hope you had a restful Summer break. During the next two terms, our topics will be Animals including humans - term 1, Science focus and The United Kingdom – term 2, Geography focus.

Every Monday, the children will receive a spelling sheet to learn and these words will be tested in class every Friday. Please take the time to look through these spellings with your child and complete the activities.

The focus for homework will be weekly spellings, times tables (2, 5 and 10) and independent reading.

In Year 3, the children need to wear their PE kits into school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in preparation for their PE lessons.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members of our St Peter’s community.

Any questions or queries, please do ask the class teacher – we are at the classroom door at the end of every day and are happy to talk to you.

Year 3 Team

3L – Miss Lance TA – Miss Kennedy

3SB – Mrs Bruna and Mrs Seeney TA – Mrs Dooley

3S – Miss Spickett TA – Miss Hubbard


Term 1 – Animals including humans

In ‘Animals including humans’, we will focus on living things. We will explore where animals live, how food chains work and what a healthy body needs to survive. We will also be product designers in DT, where the children will sample, design, make and evaluate their own smoothie products.

In Maths, we will be learning about place value and the number system. We will begin to look at a range of calculation strategies which will equip us with the knowledge and skills to solve a variety of problems. As always, we will have a focus on learning our times tables fluently and efficiently.

In English, we will have a focus text, ‘Wolves’, which links to our Science topic. This is a fantastic story in which the children will be engaged in different activities including: role-play, discussion of the text and creative writing. We will be setting high expectations for presentation, punctuation and spelling. In guided reading, we will be enjoying a non-fiction text about Wolves, where we will explore factual information and improve on our comprehension skills.

Term 2 – The United Kingdom

In Term 2, we will focus our study on the UK and its geographic features in our topic, The United Kingdom. During this geography-based topic, we will explore and compare physical and human

features and environments across the countries within the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as begin to develop a range of geographic skills.

In Maths, we will be focussing on formal calculation strategies for addition and subtraction. We will also be learning how to measure and compare length, add and subtract lengths and calculate perimeter.

In English, our focus text will be ‘Coming to England’, which links to our United Kingdom topic. We will learn how to write letters and improve on our vocabulary knowledge. In guided reading, we will be exploring poetry and understanding how different poems are formed.