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Term 2 - Tribal Tales

Let’s kick this topic off by inviting the children into an interactive Living History Workshop, where they will have the chance to consider the relationship between technological advancement and lifestyle. There will be costumes and make up for all, as well as drama and re-enactment. The tribe will go on a journey through time, as we piece together the past using evidence and Experimental Archaeology. We will research the social and cultural environments from Bronze Age right through to the Iron Age. We will learn chronology, living conditions and the geography of these times. Children will be working on iPads as they use Digimaps to locate ancient settlements! Design skills will be put to the test as the children have a chance to design prehistoric tribal jewellery, and finally reproduce their jewellery pieces out of plaster. Children will have the chance to step into the life of a Stone Age child by using natural resources to create simple yet fun games that they can play over and over again. By the end of this topic, children will practise their debating skills as we discuss the positive and negative effects these times have had on Britain.

Term 2 - Tribal Tales 


Ugg: Boy Genius of the Stone Age – picture book 


Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age


Sikhism - What is important for Sikh people?


Clay coil pots. Pattern work and printing


Rehearsal and performance of The Nativity using drama, choral speech, dance, singing and music.


Rehearsal and performance of songs for Nativity