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Transition Process Year 2 - 3

Changing schools can be a daunting prospect for both children and their parents, so we work  hard to ensure that it is a fun and fearless process for everyone. By the time your child joins us in September, we make sure that they feel safe, secure and happy in our school.

Open Days

The transition journey begins with our open days. These usually take place in November so please contact the school office for more information and to book a place.



Transition Day

On Transition Day, which takes place at the beginning of July, all children spend a day in their new class. At St Peter’s, we invite parents to bring their child into the school playground to meet their new classmates and teacher. Children will spend the day with their new class, taking part in taster lessons and fun activities. This could include art and crafts, netball, fencing, a French lesson, football or exploring the solar system on school ipads. The day is specifically designed to be great fun for the children, with the aim of helping them get to know as many of their classmates as possible.


Transition Day also gives your child their first chance to meet their Year 6 buddy. This is a system where we pair every year 3 child with one from year 6. Buddies will join each other for lunch on transition day and spend some time getting to know each other. Throughout the year, buddies will meet up on a regular basis to take part in scheduled activities. We have found our buddy system to be invaluable in helping children settle into school.

Afternoon treat

Following Transition Day, we invite new children to St Peter’s for an afternoon to join their buddies for an ice cream and some fun activities. More details of this and Transition Day will be sent out near the time.


Once your child starts at St Peter’s, we continue to make every effort to help them settle in and make friends. During morning break, the whole school plays together outside, and Year 6 children make a special effort to spend time with their younger buddies and encourage them to join in games.

Years 3 and 4 have a separate lunchtime break, where they can take part in activities organised each day by our play leaders.

For those children that feel unsure about joining in, we have a friendship club where small groups of children can go to our friendship room or our log cabin and take part in quieter supervised activities.