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The Mediterranean

Sun-kissed beaches, are on our doorstep here in Thanet, but it’s good to know about those further afield as well. The intention of this unit is to provide cChildren will gain a with a bbroader understanding of the continent on which they live and be able to enable them to make comparisons between their lives and others.

In this unit, we take a zoom lens approach to explorestudying the Mediterranean region ofin Europe. We start with an overview of Europe and move towards a more detailed study of everyday life in the historic city of Bologna, Italy. We ensure children have , whilst identifying core opportunities for learning at each geographical scale.

We implement this by establishing basic locational knowledge of Europe and, using geographical language and concepts to describe its location within the wider world. We develop map reading skills,  and giving e children experience of using different kinds of maps for a variety of functions. We use maps to identify key physical features and human characteristics of countries and major cities in Europe. This gives our children a sense of where they are in relation to the wider world.

Following this overview, we look in more detail at one specific city, Bologna, Italy, where children are invited to devise their own process for enquiry into an aspect of life in the city. The impact of this unit is to equip children with cultural capital by giving them an opportunity to make comparisons between their lives and the children of Bologna. This also encourages reflection on the wider cultural similarities and differences between life in Italy and the UK.