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Term 6 - Our local area:Meeting St Peter's

Welcome to St Peters, a small coastal village, in Broadstairs, Kent. This is where we live. This is our home. But how much do we know about our local environment?

During this study, we’ll utilise a wide range of resources in order to delve deeper and uncover the rich and varied history of St Peters.

Our unit starts with an Interactive village tour of St Peters, led by the award winning volunteers, of ‘St Peters Village tour’.

Using OS Maps through the ages (dating back to 1837 and on to the present day, the children identify land use and changes, that have affected the area surrounding our school location. Using a range of historical sources, websites, photographs, census data, listed building information and war grave knowledge, the children will become historical detectives as they unearth the history of St Peter's and some of the buildings and people that have played a part in making St Peters the place it is today.

Term 6 - Our local area: Meeting St Peter's


The Giants necklace


A local history study


Use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied


Kingdom of God (What kind of king is Jesus?)


Electrical Systems


Posters Publicity and Programmes


Leavers Service

End of Year Concert

Year 6 Production


Rehearse and refine school production via song, dance, drama, choral speech and music.