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Term 5 - Raging River

This half term, we’ll get straight to work, learning about rivers in our topic called Raging Rivers. The children will have the opportunity to understand how a river is formed, the features of a river and the risks of flooding!

Additionally, the children will be mapping the journey that the water takes from source to mouth and learning about famous rivers around the world. Using a range of equipment, including guttering, the children will have to work together to investigate how water flows through different substances – prepare to get wet! The children investigate the water cycle and use natural materials to make models that demonstrate river formation.

Across each lesson, we will embed a range of topical vocabulary to give children the confidence to correctly describe the different processes. Our map reading and research skills will help us to find out about world famous waterfalls and we shall teach the children how to use ipads to research and record.

Living so close to the sea, it’s important our children know the dangers of flooding so using our creativity, the children will complete a Flood Warning Poster and describe what experiencing a flood might feel like.

Term 5 - Raging River


Oliver and the Seawigs – short novel 




Physical geography, including: climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, and the water cycle


Kingdom of God - When Jesus left what was the impact of Pentecost?


Textiles focus with water theme – weaving, wrapping and stitching


Ensemble work, soundscapes


Branching Database


The Tempest - Shakespearean language, role-play, characterisation, and mime.


Free-standing structures

Flow Topic