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Term 5 - Benvenuto In Italia


Benvenuto in Italia! Welcome to Italy! We are going to sample the exquisite delights that this boot-shaped peninsula has to offer as we explore where in the world Italy is and what it is like to be there, both as a tourist and as a citizen. We will use maps and atlases to locate Italy and to identify some of its key geographical features. We will also look at climate data to ascertain the best times for visiting Italy as a tourist. Our investigation of life in the city of Rome and in the countryside will enable us to understand what it is like to live and work in different settings within Italy and we will consider the importance of agriculture to the Italian economy. In Design Technology, we will continue to explore pizzas and having made and sampled a basic pizza, we will be sampling and designing pizzas of our own. 

Term 5 - Italy


The Boy at the Back of the Class


Inside Italy and Europe


Healthy Food (Pizzas)


Hinduism - What is like to be a Hindu in Britain today?


Writing for different audiences