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Term 4 - I Am Warrior

We are brave powerful warriors and will meet in battle. We will divide into two warring groups: the Celts and the Romans. In our battle games, who will be victorious?

Through historical enquiry, chronology and empathy children will explore the role of the Romans and the lasting impact that they had on Britain. Children will meet a Roman and gather information about where they came from, why they came and what evidence was left behind. Standing in the way of the Roamans was Boudicca. Was she a hero or villain?

All of this will enable the children to reflect on Roman Britain life and how the Romans affected the course of England’s history.

Term 4 - I am Warrior 


Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare


The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain


Locate the world’s countries, using a variety of maps




Create symmetrical patterns inspired by Roman images. Create collage  of Roman mosaics


Shakespeare Theatre Unit. Explore Romeo and Juliet using drama techniques to support writing and understanding.


Black notes - exploring chromatics (sharps and flats) how it can create tension and using minor seconds.

Use soundtrack to gladiator as stimulus to create music piece.


Salvation - Why do Christians call the day Jesus dies good Friday?