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Term 3 - Stone Age to Iron Age

Let’s kick this topic off by going on a journey through time, as we piece together the past using evidence and Experimental Archaeology. We will research the social and cultural environments from Stone Age and Bronze Age right through to the Iron Age. The children will learn chronology, living conditions and the geography of these time periods, through exploring real-life artefacts and researching. Children will be working on iPads as they use Digimaps to locate ancient settlements, such as Skara Brae and Stonehenge! We will be welcoming a ‘Virutal Reality’ workshop during the topic, where the children can ‘live the history’ for the day with a variety of activities. By the end of this topic, children will practise their debating skills as we discuss the positive and negative effects these times have had on Britain nowadays.

Term 3 - Stone Age to Iron Age


Stone Age Boy – picture book


Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age


Rocks and soil


Sikhism – What is important for Sikh people?


Printmaking – layers of shapes from rocks and crystals


Textiles – design, make and evaluate


Performance Poetry - I Was Born in the Stone Age by Michael Rosen. Vocal and physical acting skills. Rehearsal and performance


Stone Age to Iron Age – singing, percussion and ostinato



Tremors Topic