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Term 3 - Exploring Egypt

Sandy beaches are on our doorstep here in Thanet, but it's good to explore the sand of the deserts further afield. The intention of this unit is to provide children with a broader understanding of the world in which they live and be able to make comparisons between their lives and others.

In this unit, we take a zoom lens approach to explore the transcontinental country of Egypt. We start with an overview of the world and move towards a more detailed study of everyday life in the urban and rural areas of Egypt. 

We implement this by establishing locational knowledge of the world and the continents, and using geographical language and concepts to describe its location within the wider world. We develop map reading skills, giving children the experience of using different kinds of maps for a variety of functions. We use maps to identify key physical features and human characteristics of the locality.

Term 3 - Exploring Egypt


The Journey - Francesca Sanna


Egyptian location study


People of God - How can following God bring freedom and justice?


Mechanical systems


Egypt (modern) focus on painting - Georges Bahgoury - portraits


Creative Careers Film Project


Living River Nile: singing, tuned percussion, ukulele and composing


Concept Maps


Gymnastics, Swimming and Hockey