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Term 2 - Viking raiders and traders

Year 6 head back in time this term – as we investigate a time of great upheaval in our history.

A time of struggle and change, as competing invaders arrive on the shores of Britain, and compete as they look to take control of the land and its people.

We will:

  • investigate our preconceptions about the Vikings, who they were, where they came from and the affect they had on this period of our history
  • compare and contrast elements of life for both the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons
  • look at the part religion played in their culture
  • How successful they were in invading, taking control and shaping Britain of the day.

A trip to Dover museum, helps to establish a tangible connection to the past, as we enjoy a variety of workshops and activities.

Term 2 - Viking raiders and traders


Viking Boy


The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor




The Gospel (What would Jesus do?) / Christmas


TEXTILES –Christmas gifts (Christmas stocking, Pencil case, Mobile phone case, decoration)