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Term 2 - The United Kingdom

Simply where else can we start our St Peter’s journey as geographers other than, The United Kingdom!   

The country in which we live has so much to explore - we therefore aim to take our children on an inspiring learning journey, deepening their locational and place knowledge across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.   

The intention of this Geography unit is to provide children with a broader understanding of the country which they live and enable them to make comparisons between their locality, Kent and other locations across the UK, finding similarities and differences. Children will begin to develop their natural geographical curiosity as they explore and compare some of the UK’s breath-taking physical and human features across the four countries within the UK.

Throughout this unit, children will develop the essential qualities and skills of young geographers through geographical knowledge and enquiry relating to the physical and human environments of The United Kingdom. Children will identify the geographical features of the countries of the UK and understand how some of these aspects have changed over time. They will use a range of maps, globes, atlases and digital sources to locate countries and cities, as well as describe key features and characteristics of these locations.

Term 2 - The United Kingdom


Coming to England - True story by Floella Benjamin


The United Kingdom


Christianity – Incarnation.


Topic link – UK landscapes, focussing on the work of artists David Hockney and Nicholas Jones. We will explore painting techniques, including; blending, scraffito and layering paint to create landscape images.


Healthy eating / SMOOTHIES (Cooking)


Rehearsal and performance of The Nativity using drama, choral speech, dance, singing and music.


Rehearsal and performance of songs for Nativity