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Term 1 - Earth and Space

Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that human kind has ever undertaken. This topic will take children on a journey through space so that they can satisfy their innate curiosity about what lies beyond and gain a deeper understanding of how our planet fits into the universe.

Through research, children will investigate the characteristics of the planets, describing the position and movement relative to the sun. They will explain day and night and the seasons and select an aspect of the solar system to present in class. The mission in this unit is to design a rocket for the UK Space Agency, which will be tested for robustness, aesthetics and height or distance travelled alongside other models. Data will be recorded accurately so that they can use it as evidence in their final presentation.

Term 1 - Earth and Space


Cosmic by Frank Cottrell and Steven Lenton


Earth and Space


God - What does it mean if God is loving and holy?


Spaceman collage


Explore the moon landing



Dr. Who Theme

Star Wars Theme

Exploring ‘Voices’ options


Online safety