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Term 1 - Animals and humans

During our Animals including humans topic, children explore the vast range of animals in the world around them. We immerse the children in the local environment and school grounds, through observing the habitats of living things. We also use Digimaps on our iPads to research and discover where animal classes live. Through research, the children develop their understanding of the food chain and whether an animal or living thing is a producer, consumer or predator. Ever given much thought to why we are designed the way we are? We find it fascinating to learn about the purpose of our muscles and bones. From our investigations about the human skeleton, we find out how our muscles make the bones move. It is so important to take care of our bodies, which is why we learn all about exercise and healthy eating in year 3. As we work scientifically, we use evidence to answer questions about the body.

Term 1 - Animals and humans


Wolves - Picture book (CLPE)


Animals including humans


People of God (what is it like to follow God?)


Drawing using charcoal, inks and pastels to explore positive and negative shapes within animal skulls. Looking at the drawings or artist Duncun Cameron.


Healthy eating / SMOOTHIES (Cooking)


An introduction to drama strategies and performance skills in preparation for the Nativity in Term 2.


Tuned and untuned improvisation


All notes

variety of pieces

Music reading

“Red Hot Recorder’

2 and 3 part pieces


Online safety -

Touch Typing