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Standard Day Timetable

8.00am Breakfast Club: for parents who work and need to leave their children early, we offer a daily breakfast club where children relish the opportunity to meet up with friends before the school day starts. Children are given a healthy breakfast and have the opportunity to select from a wide range of activities before they begin school.
8.45am Playground gates are open: children are welcomed through the playground gates and straight into their classrooms, where they hang up their coats and have a quiet and settled start to the day. This gives children the opportunity to share items of interest with their teachers before the school day begins.
8.55am Registration: we expect a high level of attendance and good time-keeping from our children. By being on time all our children are able to mentally prepare for the day through our positive and welcoming registration process.
9.05am Assembly: this offers an opportunity for the whole school to meet on a regular basis. Our close links with St Peter’s and St Andrew’s Churches mean that clergy regularly lead assemblies and we often visit the churches for services and festivals during the year.
9.30am Mathematics: is taught for one hour every day. Our focus is on challenging children appropriately and maintaining high levels of enthusiasm. Children are taught in a range of styles and are always encouraged to apply their skills in problem-solving and real-life situations.
10.30am Break: during the morning break the whole school play together, allowing year 6 and year 3 buddies to meet up. The outdoor play area offers a hard play surface, fields, a sensory garden, and extensive play equipment. Children can purchase fresh fruit if desired.
10.45am English: every child has at least an hour of English taught each day. Over the week the time is devoted to focussing on shared texts and developing skills in spelling, handwriting and grammar.

School breaks for lunch. Years 3 and 4 eat from 12.00-12.30pm. Years 5 and 6 eat from 12.30-1.00pm. School meals are cooked fresh daily; as a school with ‘Healthy Schools’ status, our meals offer a wide range of nutritionally balanced options, and there are always fresh fruit and vegetables available on a self service trolly. Staff members regularly eat with children to encourage pupil/staff interaction in an informal atmosphere.


We practise a cross curricular approach to teaching. While Maths and English are taught as separate lessons, most of the other subjects are taught within a topic, following the national curriculum. Nationally, this approach has been shown to have huge benefits for the children, as it is a more fun, exciting and challenging way for them to learn. The varied activities engage children more fully, and consequently they learn more effectively. As subject areas are linked closely, children make more sense of the relevance of what they are learning - and how it relates to the ‘real world’. There are more opportunities to write for real purpose and consequently, writing standards improve.

1.15pm Afternoon lessons:

Information, Communication and Technology: - ICT is incorporated into lessons throughout the school. Children have access to a large number of iPads and laptops, and interactive whiteboards are installed in every classroom.

Religious Education: RE forms an integral part of our curriculum. Children are encouraged to develop their thinking skills as they begin to understand Christianity and a number of different faiths.

Design and Technology: throughout the year, project-based work includes the design, build, testing and evaluation of the items they produce.

French: languages are taught through a variety of games, discussion and interactive computer programmes and apps.

Physical Education: we are very passionate about sport at St Peter’s – we regularly have children representing both Thanet and Kent in sport and have a cabinet full of trophies to highlight our successes. We take part in competitive running, football, rugby, skipping, swimming, speed stacking, cricket and netball, and much more! We devote two hours a week to PE, which includes gymnastics, dance, games, athletics and outdoor adventure activities. Swimming lessons take place for every year group. We also have a qualified sports coach who teaches every class once a week.

Music: with such a specialist subject, we have an expert teacher for this area. Children are inspired by their weekly lessons and all children learn to play a different instrument each year, including guitars and ukuleles, recorders and keyboards.

Art: Our specialist art teacher works to develop skills and creativity through a variety of different media.

Drama: Our specialist drama teacher works with each class in our dedicated performance space 'The Studio' or on our outside stage.

3.15pm The compulsory school day finishes: children are picked up from classrooms ensuring safety and allowing parents the opportunity to catch the class teacher for a chat if needed.
3.15 - 4.30pm After School Clubs: another major strength of our school is our commitment to providing a huge variety of extracurricular activities, enabling your child to develop a wide range of skills not normally presented in the curriculum. Children can choose from a wide selection, including, football, netball, fencing, dodgeball, choir, art, guitar, theatre, golf, homework club, media and animation, and lego, to name but a few! 
4.30 - 6pm Extended Day: Children attending the extended day club enjoy a club of their choice until 4.30 when they join extended day. Children are provided with a light tea and benefit from spending time with other children within the school. We see this time as the children’s time, and whilst activities are available, children are welcome to quietly relax with a book or watch a film if they want to.