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St. Peter's Spelling Bee

In Term 5 and 6 this year we will be running a whole school Spelling Bee. 

The aim of this fun competition is to generate interest and excitement around spelling, encourage children to learn to spell a broad range of words and to celebrate the children’s efforts, progress and achievements in spelling.

What is a Spelling Bee?

It is a fast-paced oral spelling competition that is popular in the USA. Words are chosen from a broad selection and generally increase in difficulty over the course of each round.

How does it work?

Participants are asked one at a time to spell a word, if they are correct they proceed to the next round, if they are incorrect they are eliminated. The process continues until there are two remaining spellers who then go head-to-head.

How are the words chosen?

We will select words from the National Curriculum statutory word lists for year 3/4 and 5/6. This means that the children will have encountered many of the words already in spelling lessons and tests.

How will the competition be organised?

  • Each class will run their own spelling bee to find three Class Champions in each class.
  • The Class Champions will then compete against their year group peers to become Year Group Champions. There will be two champions from each year group.

In the final, the Year Group Champions will compete against each other for the ultimate accolade of St Peter’s Spelling Champion 2021.

  • Prizes will be awarded at each stage of the competition.