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Simple Politics

We work with Simple Politics across the academic year. Tatton Spiller, founder of SimplePolitics, visits every term to work with our different year groups. The curriculum breakdown is as follows:

Our SimplePolitics Spiral Curriculum

Year 3 (September / October) My Opinion

A 6-week course in which students learn to express and justify their thoughts. The emphasis will be on listening, tolerance and explanations. The climax would be 2 students from each class being elected to debate in front of the whole year.


Year 4 (May - July) My School

A 6-week course in which students think about and discuss the role of schools, education and teachers in their lives. Why do they come to school and how can schools be better shaped to achieve this. The real emphasis will be on students responding, listening and justifying their opinions. This course ends with student presentations on their ideal school, with winning groups from each class coming together to present to the whole year group.


Year 5 (January - March) My Manifesto

Students are led through 5 different topics across 5 weeks. These include policing, foreign affairs, tax and spend and more. On the 6th week they present their manifesto to the class - ideally discussing overall vision and ideology and supporting it with clear manifesto pledges.  The winning group from each class presents their manifesto (either on video or in assembly) to the whole school before every student in the school votes for their preferred 'party'. This was done simultaneously across St Peter’s and Palm Bay with the combined year groups voting for the winning Manifesto!


Year 6 (November - December) My Society

Students spend 6 weeks at St Peter's considering their role in society. What it takes to be a good citizen. What they already do. How they can do more. What would they like society to look like? This course finishes in a whole year assembly in which the winning group from each class presents their vision for society.

SimplePolitics also lead a variety of topical assemblies to keep children informed and engaged with current affairs – over the last two years we have had assemblies on many themes including the General Election, the Referendum, the European Union and its History, Brexit and even the development of modern Russia – in the context of the World Cup!