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Let’s forge ahead to research a time when Victoria was Queen, when some people lived in slums while others prospered, a time when great minds brought about great change and ingenious inventions.

The children of St Peters’ will benefit from a deepening knowledge of how their local area, has been shaped by and benefitted from the role as a Victorian seaside destination.

This unit will focus on life in Victorian times. The children will look at: plotting the Victorian period within the wider context of British history; highlighting key events and developing the children’s understanding of chronology. They will focus on the role of Queen Victoria (and her close family); the positive and negative effects of the expansion of the British empire and the experiences of different social classes within society (comparing the lives of the rich and poor). The pupils will also explore the role of great inventors, artists, and philanthropists in changing, caring and developing Victorian society and shaping the Britain we live in today.

The children will use: radio clips, dramatization, first hand accounts, photographs, timelines, and have experience of interpreting historical sources from a range of viewpoints.