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At St Peter’s, children will experience a meaningful, enquiry approach to their geography learning. Children are provided with opportunities to inspire curiosity in their immediate surroundings in Thanet, as well as in places and environments in the wider world.  Throughout their time at St Peter’s, children develop an interest and desire to investigate a variety of human and physical characteristics of different places, both local and afar. Through a range of locational case studies within each year group, children make comparisons of geographical similarities and differences of various regions within the UK, Europe, Africa and South America to continue to develop their understanding of the world around them.

We are extremely lucky to have a local environment which is so rich in geographic opportunities, often also linked to the history of the Isle of Thanet, with the famous chalk-cliff coastline and the changing land use within the area over time.  We use our rich local area for children to explore geography practically, providing meaningful opportunities to engage in fieldwork and develop geographic skills. 



We believe regular fieldwork motivates children to develop their knowledge about the world they live in. Fieldwork provides opportunities for children to explore and get familiar with their own locality which is crucial for them to make connections with those in contrasting localities. As a result, within each year at St Peter’s, children will focus on discovering the local area within St Peter’s through rich and meaningful fieldwork opportunities exploring a range of locations such as local parks, beaches and urban multi-use areas. Our children will interpret and communicate geographical information using maps, globes and aerial photographs in their own investigations.