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Eco-School Council

Our Eco-School Council:



Each class held elections in order to vote for two class representatives after a short time of campaigning.

Bonnie C 3L

James L 3L

Vivienne D 3SB

Teddy 3SB

Aria Q 3S

Zach H 3S

Faris B 4B

Payton B 4B

Daisy B 4W

Rory G 4W

Harry V 4S

Oakley M 4S

Lilly B 5S

Riley T 5S

Arya B 5L

Chester G 5L

Audrey 5NB

Ralph K 5NB

Harlan 6M

Isla W 6M

Tommy F 6G

Clara P 6G

Violet R 6I

Hadley P 6I

Isaac W 6AW

Alice B 6AW

Eco School Council aims to meet several times each term. The children decide on new action to take in order to help make St. Peters more eco-friendly, as well as deal with general School Council issues. They share ideas from their classes (via a class suggestion box) and report back to classes. Together, they lead assemblies, class meetings, campaigns and competitions. A child records the minutes of the meetings.