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Design Technology

At St Peter’s, we want our children to gain a deep understanding of Design Technology and to be equipped with the knowledge of the five main areas: Food, Textiles, Structures, Mechanical systems and Electrical systems. All our projects have a clear purpose in which the children investigate existing products and understand the design brief so they can be creative and innovative in their own products. Our children at St Peter’s are highly creative and we aim to allow this to flourish through our DT projects. In preparing them for the wider world, we build up their practical skills throughout Key Stage 2 so that they leave us with experience of handling tools, equipment and the use of computer aided design.


Within our DT curriculum, the children are encouraged to investigate existing products and teachers impart their knowledge of key skills before allowing the children to apply these to their own project. Central to the project stage is the Design, Make, Evaluate process where children are encouraged to be innovative in their design, apply key skills when making their product and be critical in their evaluations. Across the school year, each year group covers a food unit plus two others, which fit together with learning within other curriculum subjects.

Through our carefully designed curriculum and engaging DT lessons, our children gather the key knowledge and skills that they need for the future and we are confident that this inspires them to be the next product designers.