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Our curriculum is a living document that continues to change and evolve with the children that come into our school. It is constantly reviewed and adapted to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all children and is current for the time and place that we are living. Our curriculum is underpinned by key skills and essential knowledge in all subject areas and is supported by real life contexts and experiences which helps our children to understand their learning and see how it can be used later in life. We teach thematic topics where all the subjects are based on a theme- for example 'Beast Creator' - but the learning is made clear by highlighting what subject we are focusing on - this enables the children to see and understand how each curriculum subject is different.

Key skills in each curriculum subject are taught alongside subject knowledge to help children see and understand what it would be like to be a scientist, an historian a geographer or even a designer and engineer. We aim to inspire our children and give them a genuine understanding that can be built upon each year and prepare them for later life.