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As you will probably have seen in the news, schools across the country are now teaching a new National Curriculum which sets out exactly what the children are to learn in each year.

At St Peter’s the most obvious change will be that in effect every child will be taught the ‘top set’ maths. The same curriculum will be taught to all children in a year group, with the more able being stretched and challenged through richer and deeper mathematical problems, and there being additional levels of support and time to help those children who have struggled with the concept.

To help us do this most effectively the children will be taught maths by their class teacher – as they are for the other lessons – as their class teacher knows the children best and is able to target the additional challenge or support to the individual children most accurately.

I believe that there is much that is positive about the new curriculum – most importantly the expectation that all our children can achieve the higher standards and master the harder concepts that the new national curriculum sets out – but at the same time continuing to ensure that here at St Peter’s we support those children who struggle or find concepts difficult in the caring and nurturing way that you would expect