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Celebrating our Success


We encourage every child to be the best that they can be - and we strive to identify and develop teaching needs for every student. Whether it is maths, literacy, art, music, sport or an after school club, we ensure that our children are given the chance to shine.

We are very proud of our school and the people within it. We recognise that by treating all individuals with respect, we create a culture of positive behaviour. We celebrate good behaviour and achievements, however big or small, in every way we can to reinforce the message that doing your best reaps rewards. Every week we give one child per class the award of Star of the Week. This can be for excellent behaviour, being a good friend to another child, or simply trying their hardest.

Our website and weekly newsletter not only informs you of school news and dates to remember, but also recognises any achievements our children have made. This may be anything from gaining a yellow belt in Karate, a 10m swimming certificate, producing a great piece of work or achieving grade 3 in piano. Children are often picked to represent the School at various events, such as meeting MPs to talk about our school council, going to St George’s or Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School for specialist lessons or doing a reading at the school harvest festival. Assemblies are an important time for everyone to come together and spend some quiet time in reflection and prayer, and to celebrate individual and team achievements.