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Soft furnishings for The Reading Retreat

This year, the school council asked their classes what they thought would improve our school. The children expressed that they would like to have some lovely places to read.

In response to this, the school council researched, campaigned and organised the buying of a tipi for outside reading. They also spoke to their classes about what theme they would like for their classroom’s reading corners and organised getting in touch with our wonderful PTFA, who have been into school creating the wonderful spaces in our classrooms for reading.

Our ‘Reading Retreat’ is wonderful, but now needs decorating inside. We are asking families to donate any rugs, carpets, pillows, beanbags etc. to make our retreat a comfortable place for reading. If you have any of these things that you could donate to our school council, we will be eternally grateful! Search grandma’s attic, look in your loft, redecorate the spare room – let’s create a fantastic space for the children to read!

If they’re little bring them in, if they are bigger please contact the office or the PTFA and we’ll help!